About Grapplers Anonymous

Message us now to schedule a tryout to see if you have what it takes to begin training!

About Our Gym

Grapplers Anonymous was opened in July 2014 to give area wrestlers a place to train and improve. Since opening, we’ve taken on new trainees who do not have prior pro wrestling experience. The priority of our gym is to provide the best possible learning environment by training with active wrestlers and new students who are likely to excel.

High Standard of Training

We require all prospective students to take a physical tryout to demonstrate they are prepared to begin pro wrestling training. We believe this helps us offer the best possible learning environment for our trainees.

All active pro wrestlers are also welcome to train with us. Active wrestlers frequently take the opportunity to keep their skills sharpened at our gym, which only enriches the varieties of experience we offer in our training.

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Training Fees

The fee to take the tryout to determine if you’re ready to begin training with us costs $25. Other than that, there is no upfront cost to begin training with us.

If you pass the tryout, these are the fees to train with us:

  • 1 session: $20
  • Unlimited sessions for a month: $80

We strongly recommend training with us 3-4 days a week for the first few months.

All payments must be made in cash at the gym itself. Single session fees must be paid on the day of the session. Active wrestlers may be charged a lower fee.

We may occasionally offer optional seminars with special guests for an additional fee.

Everyone who trains with us must be at least 18 years old.

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Who Have You Trained?

Since opening in July 2014, our gym itself has trained several wrestlers who have made their pro wrestling debuts. Everytime I Die guitarist Andy Williams got his training at our gym to prepare for his pro wrestling debut. Before Grapplers Anonymous opened, our trainer Brandon Thurston had a hand in training area wrestlers Kevin Bennett, Frankie Feathers and many others.

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