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Watch these videos to get an idea of what the tryout is like!

 Visit us

Before you schedule a tryout, you’re welcome to schedule a visit to our school during our normal hours where you can meet our trainers, have any questions answered and observe a training session. There is no cost to you for visiting our school.

You may also schedule a tryout without visiting our school first. You can walk-in for a tryout any time during our normal hours listed on this website.


The fee for the tryout is $40.00, paid in cash when you arrive.

The tryout will be very physically demanding. It’s unlikely you will actually enter the ring during the tryout. You will be expected to do many physical exercises to determine whether you are prepared to begin pro wrestling training. It is essential that you are already in excellent physical condition.

We strongly recommend you see your doctor before participating in this tryout, or beginning any training with us whatsoever, to determine whether you are healthy enough for vigorous physical exercise such as pro wrestling training.

What should I bring to the tryout?

For your tryout, please wear normal work out gear (T-shirt, shorts, sneakers) and bring plenty of water.

What does further training cost if I pass the tryout?

If you prove you are ready to begin training, you may attend unlimited sessions, Sunday to Tuesday, for $80 per month. Please see our home page for days and hours our school is open.

How do I know if I passed the tryout?

Whether you’ve passed the tryout will be a decision made solely at the discretion of the trainers, at the end of your tryout. Whether you pass will be based on your physical performance and the attitude you demonstrate.

Most who don’t pass the tryout don’t pass because they’re unable to complete all the exercises in the expected amount of time.

What if I don’t pass the tryout?

If you don’t pass, you are welcome to take the tryout again at a time of your choosing. You may be required to pay the tryout fee again for any repeated tryouts.

If you don’t pass your initial tryout, at our discretion, we may allow you to attend the gym regularly to use our fitness equipment to get yourself in shape to prepare for a future tryout. Those who choose to do this may be charged a reduced rate until they are ready for in-ring training.

Why do we do tryouts?

We require new students to demonstrate a certain level of physical fitness before beginning training for a number of reasons:

  •  For your sake: We believe people who are in good physical condition are less likely to be injured. Pro wrestling is a difficult and competitive craft. To succeed at any level of pro wrestling, you need to be in excellent physical condition. Becoming ready for your first match requires months of training. Even if you committed to the training, it’s unlikely you would get any quality bookings if you aren’t very athletic.
  • For our sake: It’s probably true that if we accepted anyone who wanted to train, our gym would be more profitable. But cultivating the best possible learning environment is a priority for our gym, above profit. By only accepting new students who are likely to excel, our training sessions can be run at a higher level, with more attention given to each student. It also better ensures our students have training partners who are safer and more conducive for learning with.
  • For the sake of wrestling: We believe enforcing a physical fitness standard gives us a better shot at creating good pro wrestlers. If we produced wrestlers who weren’t any good, it would contribute to the wealth of poorly-trained wrestlers who already exist in wrestling. Producing poor wrestlers would hurt the reputation of wrestling in general, as well as our gym’s reputation. We strive to provide an excellent learning environment for new wrestling students and for those who have already begun.

If you have any questions, please message us on our Facebook page.