Teaching cues and explanations of modern pro wrestling.

  1. The Pyramid

  2. The Three Minds

  3. Promos Are Not Burials

  4. Decoding Veteran Advice: You’re Doing Too Much; Slow It Down, Kid


  5. If It’s Safe, Looks Good and Gets Over, Do It

  6. The Uphill Battle of the Local Indies

  7. The Things More Important Than Matches

  8. Decoding Veteran Advice: Nobody Knows How To Sell

  9. Decoding Veteran Advice: Psychology

  10. Les Thatcher’s “The Music Between The Notes”

  11. Jimmy Jacobs’ “There Are No Rules, There Are Only Tools”

  12. The Business is Always Changing

  13. The Importance of Social Media

  14. A Student of the Game

  15. Game Theory of Negotiating a Price

    Opinions on Pro Wrestling’s False Orthodoxy:

  16. The Sufficiency and Insufficiency of Old Wisdom

  17. The Strong Heel

  18. What Heel Heat Is and Isn’t

  19. Stereotype Exploitation

  20. The Vocal Majority