Promos Are Not Burials

Notice one thing Ric Flair is really good at is he builds his opponents up while cutting a promo on them. He even puts over the promotion a lot of times, even wrestling itself. “The greatest sport in the world.”

A mistake a lot of people make is they bury their opponents in promos, basically saying their opponent is a terrible wrestler. Flair never does that. He’ll insult what they wear, what they look like, their personality, etc. But he never insults their wrestling ability. He never makes it sound like they’re easy to beat. Because if he goes and beats someone he said was terrible, then he accomplished nothing. If he beat the greatest wrestlers in the world, then he’s the best among them.

Especially with heel promos, people assume that it’s okay to bury your opponents because everyone knows heels are idiots, liars, who are wrong, etc. The audience doesn’t really believe what the heels say, or they’re reflexive to disagree with them. But it’s a big opportunity for a heel to actually put their opponents over. So that the audience sees if even the heel thinks the babyface is talented, even if the heel dislikes the babyface, then maybe he really is that great. And it means all the more to see the heel vs. the babyface in the match. And the winner is the better of two great wrestlers.