SLAM! Wrestling – November 17, 2017
Tattoo this: Kevin Blackwood’s only getting started

…[Kevin] Blackwood started his wrestling training at Grapplers Anonymous in Lackawanna, New York, with Brandon Thurston and Mikey Everynite.“Mikey was great with getting me started with bumps and rolls and basic stuff like arm drags, hip tosses, and all that stuff and slowly I stepped up to trying to put together matches and understand psychology and timing and selling and the when’s and why’s of everything and those are the things Thurston really instilled in me,” recalled Blackwood. “So much of those tiny little things that become second nature but are absolutely essential in wrestling come from working with Thurston and I think a lot of that is what got me noticed at Smash.”
To keep his cardio strong and increase his in-ring skills, Blackwood still trains with Braxton Sutter (formerly Pepper Parks), who wrestles for Impact and Smash Wrestling. “He (Sutter) puts us through the ringer every week blowing us up and fine tuning those little things that I think a lot of guys forget about when they feel they’ve graduated beyond the need for training. Working with Braxton has kept me in check for sure.”

CTV London – February 27, 2018
Inside the squared circle
Profile on Smash Wrestling, with clips including Grapplers Anonymous students Daniel Garcia and Kevin Blackwood.

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