Brandon Thurston
Brandon Thurston leads training.

Brandon has been wrestling since 2003 and has had about 250 professional matches, the majority of which can be accounted for on wrestling database

He’s one of the most experienced and respected wrestlers in the Western New York area. He was originally trained in Niagara Falls, NY by the All Knighters in 2003 and 2004, and received additional training from Jimmy Olsen in Rochester, NY in 2006.

Empire State Wrestling in North Tonawanda, NY and Pier 6 Wrestling in Rochester, NY have booked him to do training seminars.

Brandon has had matches with Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno), Johnny Gargano, Goldust, Brodie Lee (Luke Harper), Trent Barreta and Dalton Castle.

He has trained:

Brandon has worked closely with Empire State Wrestling behind the scenes throughout its existence. His work using the internet and social media to promote events as well as his input on the promotion’s creative and business direction has been instrumental in ESW’s success as it’s developed a following and has drawn the biggest crowds for an indie in the region.

He also frequently publishes articles studying the business side of pro wrestling.

This background gives him an exceptionally well-rounded perspective to pass on to students.

Match sample:

Mikey Everynite

Chris West
Mikey Everynite and Chris West manage the gym and assist with training.

Both are active in independent wrestling in the region and have each had over 175 matches.